R20 Tattoo Removal Ogden

InkOff Laser Salon offers the new R20 tattoo removal Ogden technique to remove your single color tattoo quickly and effectively. You can achieve safe and complete tattoo removal with our advanced technology and innovative techniques. You will see a difference in your existing tattoo after just one session with the R20 tattoo removal Ogden technique.

What you can expect during your R20 Tattoo Removal Ogden:

  • 4 passes with 20 minute breaks between each pass
  • Effective results
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Safe technique

The R20 tattoo removal technology allows the professionals at InkOff Laser Salon to complete several passes over the same tattoo with only 20 minute breaks in between each pass. Although the tattoo removal sessions for R20 tattoo removal are longer than traditional tattoo removal, you will complete your tattoo removal more quickly, with little to no scarring and no additional side effects.

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