Facial Rejuvenation & Wrinkle Reduction Prices

Treatment Description of Treatment Single Treatment Price Package Pricing Specials
Microdermabrasion Mechanical exfoliation using micro crystals & vacuum suction $49 Package of 6 – $220 Micro Mondays Only $29
Chemical Peel Deep exfoliation using natural chemical Acids to remove dead skin cells. Types-Lactic Acid which is great for uneven skin tone, Glycolic Acid which is great for mildly acneic skin, Salicylic Acid which is great for chronic acneic skin, TCA which is great for aging skin, and Jessner which is great for advanced aging skin $49 Package of 6 – $220
Hyperpigmentation Treatment (Age/Sun Spot Removal) Laser assisted treatment designed to remove darkened pigment on the face or body. 15 Minutes $29 30 Minutes $49 60 Minutes $89
E-Two Facial Skin Tightening Treatment Sublime Uses Radio frequency & Infrared Light Therapy to penetrate deep into the skin’s tissue to stimulate the production of Collagen & Elastin, resulting in natural, non-surgical facial tightening, Sublime treatments can be combined with E-Matrix II Sublative treatments to achieve better results. $49 Package of 3 – $129 Package of 6 – $250
E Matrix-Two Facial Skin Tightening & Resurfacing Treatment Sublative uses Radio Frequency to Resurface the epidermis while building a matrix foundation underneath the surface of the skin to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size and appearance, and restructure rough uneven skin due to acne scarring, all the benefits of a Co2 (fractional laser), minus the down time. $299 Package of 3 – $750  
Botox Botox is a popular injectable that diminishes fine lines and wrinkles by paralyzing muscle movement at the injection site. We also offer other injectable fillers that do not paralyze muscle movement but are just as effective and more natural looking than Botox. (Juvederm, Dysport, & Restylane) Botox – $9 per unit | Dysport – $4 per unit Restylane – $399/cc Juvederm – $399/.8cc
Sclerotherapy Saline injection used to diminish the look and feel of spider veins. ***non-surgical, very effective*** Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing
M’Lis Body Contour Wrap Full  body wrap made up of Holistic (all natural) ingredients that are specially formulated to stimulate total body purification and circulation, control edema (swelling), and promote healthy permanent inch loss all while maintaining proper hydration. ***Guaranteed to lose 4 inches (half a pant or dress size) in your first treatment*** Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing
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